~ The Main Duo ~





     Max Heyder ~ “You’re shutting up soon, ja?” ~ A nice conservative boy with dreams of becoming a military commander. Was wrongfully booted from his beloved military school to Lodestone Reformatory.









     Momo Henkitsu ~ “You smell nice...” ~ The sweaty-palmed assigned partner for Max. Rather reserved and lonely. Second year at Lodestone.





~ Classmates ~


does anyone else want to kiss vito and stuff him with bread?

     Vito Sugna ~ “Ey, if you ever need some contraband, Vito’s ya guy.” ~ Vito is a mama’s boy. He comes from a family well-known in the prosciutto business. Fond of cigars and other thick sticks in his mouth. Got sent to LR for causing bad optics for the family name after getting caught with a rival businessman’s son’s head between his legs. Being a pretty big guy (for you) with a name and reputation, he’s always nominated as some position of power in groups, though he’d rather just lay back with a smoke and have some pasta in peace.

     Ambar Marie Ide de la Guana Soto ~ “Oye, jou know I’m going to shank jour bitch ass later, right?” ~ The leader of a delinquent dyke gang from the west coast. Caught one too many times for her crimes, her D.A. auntie managed to make a deal for her to go to reform school over juvie. She’s known for her mouth and temper (of course), especially when it comes to her inferiority in height and bust. Always wants to be in charge.

     Molly Mouton ~ “Sometimes I pity these faggots for losing their way with God, but often I pity myself for being stuck with them.” ~ She’s the precious, beloved daughter of the preacher out in some small, closed-in commune. She was finally allowed to experience the big city world once, but after some little punk kicked her cane out from under her and her scrambling to get it back led to a compromising position of her going under some woman’s skirt, her mortified father sent her to LR in an attempt to wash out any of the gay the city tried to infect her with. While she has a nice appearance, some the beliefs she may speak are befitting more of an imageboard user. She loathes fags, particularly males, though she doesn’t quite know her partner is of the kind. She’s rather convinced (due in part to him) that he’s just another shameful girl paired with him for lack of other male students.

     Julian “Jules” Soyagiri ~ “Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if I, like, started sucking your dick right now?” ~The resident perky gay boy. Always eager for a go with any kind of guy. A well-lauded stage actor since his very early years, his blatant homosexuality had never been considered troublesome, considering the nature of actors, until he had gotten so into an onstage kiss that it made the audience (and a renowned critic in the audience) rather uncomfortable. “We don’t want you to stop being gay, we want you to stop being this gay,” his coordinator told him before shipping him off.

     Victoria “Vic” Testa ~ “Mm. Alright.” ~ Short on words and patience, Vic is a star wrestler. Far from the sharpest tool, she is older than all her peers due to being held back twice. The impetus for her enrollment came during a wrestling match against a rather attractive, flirty-eyed girl; with their bodies all sweaty and Vic’s blood burning red hot, she took the girl in a hold and began a rather lewd display of grinding and fondling the girl while growling things about her “girlcock” being rammed in certain places. Entertaining for the crowd, embarrassing for her coach and father.

     Longya Xiaowu ~ “AIYA [incomprehensible]” ~ Longya is a chink manlet. More than that is hard to tell, since his paperwork was done in Chinese. There are rumors, however, of things such as his being promoted grades, his family being of an empire, and his being an elderly midget. What is objectively true is his intellect and subpar grasp of English. Further, while most students were more than hesitant to be paired up with another, he seemed rather eager to be paired up with the butch Vic.

     Gordiian “Gordy” Herrington ~ “Whatever.” ~ Gordy is the unfortunate child of the rather cold Ms. O. They have a rather strained relationship, primarily due to his father’s coming out as a fag when the child was no more than eight. While he hasn’t shown much romantic interest either way, Ms. O tries to keep him under watchful eye, lest he become like that sad excuse of a man she was formerly married to, whom she bars from seeing Gordiian. Although she tries her best to control him, she’s not too aware of his drug habit. Also due to the lack of warm care in his life, he exudes an aura of doom and gloom wherever he goes.

     Daisy “David” Stuart ~ “I-I’m sorry…” ~ Daisy is the even more unfortunate stepchild of a cruel man who fetishized the quiet girl’s ginger hair and sexually abused her often. Her mother, more interested in the man’s money than her daughter’s cries, was of no help. In an attempt to make herself less appealing to him, she widened her waist through food. Something that he not only didn’t mind, but used against her, for it was his money that bought the food. She even began wearing a chest binder, to hide her feminine appearance, going so far as to try referring to herself as male, as if it would change his opinion. It wasn’t until she cut her gorgeous locks and dyed her short cut dark that her stepfather finally decided to send her off and see if her little gender issues could be restored by authority worse than his so that she would come back more obedient. Her meekness overwhelms any other sense of character she might have.

~ Supporting ~

     Military Men ~ This includes- the commanding officer for Max’s former class, a very bald man with his share of war wounds; Wiesel, a grubby globalist who couldn’t stand Max being such a good go–boy; Tibbs, the defected lackey for Wiesel. He dindu nuffin

     Ms. O ~ “I tell you once, you’re punished second.” ~ The sadistic, seductive instructor for Max and Momo’s class. Her full lips shapely figure are contrasted by an icy stare that combats the colds of Siberia–fitting for a Slavic feline hybreed. An unabashed Ukrainian, those who call her Russian trigger her sharp tongue and sharper slap of a yardstick.