(more info and icons coming soon!)

~ The Main Duo ~

Max Heyder ~ A nice conservative boy with dreams of becoming a military commander. Was wrongfully booted from his beloved military school to Lodestone Reformatory.

Momo Henkitsu ~ The sweaty-palmed assigned partner for Max. Rather reserved and lonely. Second year at Lodestone.

~ Supporting ~

Military Men ~ This includes- the commanding officer for Max’s former class, a very bald man with his share of war wounds; Wiesel, a grubby globalist who couldn’t stand Max being such a good go–boy; Tibbs, the defected lackey for Wiesel. He dindu nuffin

Ms. O ~ The slightly sadistic, seductive instructor for Max&Momo’s class. Her icy stare combats the colds of Siberia–fitting for a Slavic feline hybreed. An unabashed Ukrainian, those who call her Russian trigger her rather painful anger.